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Being Full of Yourself is the Guarantee to Self-Love

You are smart, successful, a good parent, you donate blood or to charities, you get regular massages and facials.  You keep the outside looking real good, and yet you kind of hate yourself.  A teeny little voice of self criticism rides the background of the mental chatter that says : “Pffftt, still not good enough.”  And you add the eye roll for a little more drama.  
We are so hard on ourselves!!  I see it in myself, my clients and my friends.  Do more, be more, do more, be more.  Only then will I be worthy.   If you want to see self-criticism just take a look at your to-do list and notice the inner voice that pops up when you see the things you haven’t done.  You know what I mean.  For as long as I can remember, I operated completely from the to-do list.  It was only last year I really understood its purpose.  Like any addiction, the to-do list is destined to lose its thrill when it rules us.  It was a row of army sergeants yelling at me!  Once it was brought to my attention, I reali…

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