Sunday, January 23, 2011

Recommit To Your Health: Part 1

January isn't over yet, so I think it is still appropriate to talk 'resolutions'.  

I have noticed over the past few weeks in my day to day interaction with patients that there is a common theme post-holiday.  Common phrases are:  "I fell off the wagon", "I over ate", "I got off my routine and now I feel badly", "I'm frustrated with myself because I gained back all the weight that I lost", "I don't feel balanced".  What a way to start the year! 

While resolutions may help us to refocus our energy, often times they can make us feel guilty for what we have not been doing.  Instead of approaching this year's resolutions with the guilt of eating poorly over the holidays or the shoulds of what you think you ought to be doing more or less of, consider resolving to spend more time doing what you love and enriching your life in ways you genuinely look forward to.  What a fantastic way to think about resolutions! I invite you to think about the year ahead in a positive manner that will allow you to accomplish great things without the guilt. 
A Top 10 List on how to recommit to your health:
1. Focus on what you want, not what you don't want.  Do more of what you want.
2. Chart your successes, and visualize yourself achieving your goals.
3. Move your body every day, no matter what. 
4. Talk about what you want and ask for support in achieving it.
5. Be realistic about how your body, life, house, etc. “should” look – focus on health and not appearances.
6. Strive for more meaningful connection with friends, family, and colleagues. Define what this means for you.
7. Get the blood work, dental cleaning, or home repair you’ve been putting off. Don’t take up mental space with self-criticism for tasks that have not been completed.
8. Compare your progress in life to your own goals, not others. You are not them.  This life is your journey.  Live it well.
9. Smile and laugh as often as possible. Cry when needed.
10. Make a collage from magazine photos of everything you would like to draw to you this year. You’ll be amazed at this time next year how much of it actually happened.

Don't spend energy worrying about what you haven't done.  Lead a life that celebrates the fullest experience possible.  

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